The Durham Writing Society supports all writers. Whether you are a newbie writer or seasoned and published, you’ll find camaraderie and support here. Currently we meet every other week from 7-9 pm at the G Centre in Ajax. Usually, but not always, on a Tuesday. We also have a monthly writing social: the “beer and wings” meeting at the Bollocks pub in Pickering.


It is offered through a closed Facebook group where we share tips, inspiration, and jokes about the writing life. During the meetings, we introduce ourselves by talking about the status of our writing projects and where we hope to go with them. Jackie presents any trending publishing news and we then do a writing prompt to get those creative juices flowing. Those who wish to, share their writing. It’s amazing what you can do in a five to 10 minute prompt. It reminds you just how creative you are!


Get WIP Shaped

Then two (or more) people read from their works in progress (WIP) and the group discusses it as if the writer is not in the room. We provide respectful feedback about what really hit home for us and where we felt “thrown out” of the work. This is a great way to develop and improve your writing skills and to shape up your WIP.