Want to be part of a writing group but you are finding it difficult to find one in your area? Or maybe you just want to meet with writers from all over the world. I once hosted an online group where there were people from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and Bali in the same group!

Writers need to connect and doing this online may make it easier to fit writing into your schedule. For a mere $25 CAD/month (plus applicable taxes), I can support you through an online membership group, offering opportunities to improve your craft as well as accountability in a form similar to the 1:1 coaching I deliver to my writing coach clients.

Your first class is free and you’ll find the times and dates of the meetings on the events page

We have (all times are EST):

  • regular bi-weekly Thursday evening meetings at 6-8 pm
  • Accountability Mondays at noon
  • Writers Wednesday Webinars also at noon
  • a monthly Diversify Your Discourse meeting
  • Shut Up & WRITE NOW on Saturdays from 10 am to noon.