Photograph of writing and editing books

My processes gets people to the finished line — from idea right to published author. Whether you’ve written before or not, I can help you get your story out. It’s overwhelming to start a writing project. It can be even more overwhelming to be in the middle of one and to have no idea if what you are writing is hitting the mark. At that point, you have invested hours and hours of your time and may be ready to throw your computer and any paper copies into the gnawing teeth of a garbage truck!

Don’t despair. That’s where I can prove my worth. Novice and pros, I can help you move from stuck to finished. I have a process that works, and experience that allows me to customize based on your project as needed.

I am experienced, have a great system, and my testimonials show all the great results I have created for people. And I never stop learning — all the books in the photograph above are just part of my collection of books on the writing craft. I also read many books in the genre of the clients I work with. I’ve also taken every writing class on the web I could find, every webinar, and I’ve synthesized the best of the ideas from webinar masters like Michael Hyatt and book and workshop masters like Donald Maas. I’ve taken ideas from Black Card Books as well as from Robert McKee and the many pros I have worked with along.

And I continue to learn and to tweak the process as I find new ways to support my clients.

I believe my system works better than any of the processes I have been influenced by. Read the testimonials and then meet with me. Book a 30-minute free discovery talk and let’s see how I can help you get to your finishing line.